The Process

  • Initial Connection and Estimate

    Please provide email address & phone number, preferred contact method.

    PICTURES: Send along 2-3 images from multiple angles.

    Initial ESTIMATE. This is based on what is visible from the pictures and does not include fabric or unexpected foundation repairs.

    Client (that’s you!!) approves the estimate. Please respond via email: [email protected]

  • Explore Fabrics

    Client peruses fabric samples online or is welcome to come and look at the sample books at my home


    Don’t hesitate to call 507-995-0717 and connect with Olli while wondering which fabrics would be best for your project.

    When you’ve narrowed it down to 1, 2 or 3 options, give Olli a call. She can help with final pricing information to get a sense of fabric costs before ordering.

  • Deposit and Drop-Off

    Olli will collect deposit (20% of the estimate) + cost of fabric before ordering fabric. This secures your spot in the queue.

    Until fabric is ordered, other projects may get bumped up ahead of you, so keep that in mind if time is of the essence.

    Olli will order fabric for you and have it delivered to her shop OR for local purchases save on shipping and go pick it up herself!

    When both the fabric arrives AND the project comes up in the queue, the client will be contacted to drop-off the furniture or pay the $150 pickup/delivery fee.

  • Inspection

    Olli will tear back furniture and if there are any surprises in the foundation causing additional labor, she will call the client and there will be a conversation.
    Client will receive NEW updated estimate including fabric, foam and labor cost
    Client approves NEW estimate.

  • Finished Product Pick-Up or Delivery

    Work is done within 2-4 weeks (there may be exceptions to this if supplies are not available or if problems occur)
    When work is finished, Olli will call the client to schedule pick-up OR will deliver for an additional $150 pick-up/delivery fee.
    Client “oohs” and “aahs” at the BEAUTY of the work and ENJOYS their updated furniture for years to come!